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Daddy Day Camp

Promotional poster for Daddy Day CampUnited States – 8 August 2007, PG
Canada – 10 August 2007, G/PG
United Kingdom – 19 October 2007, U
Australia – 29 November 2007, PG

Daddy Day Camp: predictable and so very run-of-the-mill.

The sequel to Daddy Day Care, a funny and entertaining 2003 film, Daddy Day Camp was over before it even started for the six in the small cinema I saw the movie. I could ‘read it like a book’ and knew the ending a third of the way through the movie.

Like many sequels, the movie reeks of the ‘try-hard’ feeling you get when the screenwriters add in unfunny gags you’ve seen before. Flatulence jokes might appear hilarious to the analytical four year old, but those with more years behind them would find this movie not so enjoyable. After all, this is a movie aimed at kids.

The plot follows Charlie Hinton, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. as he attempts to run a day camp for children, after his refusal to send his child to Camp Canola, a camp he has held a grudge since it won the Camp Olympics when he was a child.

It was the typical story: dad gets over protective, grandad runs the place differently, dad gets annoyed and starts fighting with him.

The characters played their part well, except I would be rather upset with acting in a movie like Daddy Day Camp.

Overall, Daddy Day Camp was an unnecessary sequel: I rate it 2/5.


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