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LocoRoco for PlayStation Portable

 LocoRoco for PSP European game coverFOUR STARS
Genre: Puzzle
United States – US$29.99 ( Rating: E
Canada – CAN$29.99 ( Rating: E
United Kingdom – GBP£14.44 ( Rating: 3+
Australia – AU$29.99 (Target Australia) Rating: G

Sony’s PlayStation Portable was labelled a failure by many critics however one thing Sony has succeeded in is the game LocoRoco.

 Everything about this game is simple. Its controls are simple, its plot is simple and the characters are simple. Far, far away, the LocoRoco planet is being invaded by the evil Moja Troop who look like a Rastafarian’s hair when moving. The player must simply complete levels and repopulate the planet with LocoRocos. The sole goal in LocoRoco is to complete the levels, however on the way berries and other trinkets are on offer. It is terribly difficult to collect every single item in every single level, however finishing each level is no challenge at all.

 The controls are just as simple. Gamers cannot directly control the LocoRoco: rather they must use the left and right shoulder buttons on the PSP to ’tilt’ the environment to set the jelly-like ball rolling. Jumping is achieved by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Players may take some time to master the controls but once they do they have got them for good.

Apart from the main levels, gamers can indulge in mini-games such as Mui Mui Crane, where players must control a crane to pick up items such as more LocoRocos and items for the Loco House.

The LocoRoco main game will last a long time for those who wish to collect every item, but for those who get bored there is a Loco House where players must construct living quarters for LocoRocos using various items obtainable in the main game and the minigames. 

There is a downside to this game. The main plot gets boring after a while, as the levels repeat their style (but not structure) six times before the endgame. You can get over this unfortunate problem by playing the game in short periods only, however most would agree that the LocoRocos’ cute faces and addictive levels could make this a problem.

The graphics are very sharp, however childish they may seem. The soundtrack is very good, although it could be called ‘muzak’ as it is repetitive. The LocoRocos speak ‘LocoRoco language’ which appears as complete gibberish to players around the world – the aim of the game designer, Tsutomu Kounu.

 I’d recommend this game for anybody (except for those who don’t like cute things, of course). It’s a one size fits all game and would be suitable for most people. All in all I’m going to give this game a 4/5. The reason for the 1/5 decrease is the monotonous level aspect of the game. You’re in for a treat if you purchase LocoRoco. Give it a go!


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